Executive Director

Mackenzie Price

Mackenzie Price

board chairman

John Moore

John Moore

Partnership. If there was a one word summary for the Huron County Community Foundation's year, it would be partnership.

The year began with the Board of Trustees identifying Strategic Priorities to help guide the Foundation into the future. This endeavor was only successful because of the partnerships created with thumb area communities. The Priorities, which you can read later in this report, were developed from a series of conversations and surveys that wouldn't have been possible without our community partners.

In May, the Foundation hired their first ever full time Executive Director. This was funded through a partnership between Huron, Sanilac, and St. Clair County Community Foundations.  This three county partnership worked all through 2014 on issues that are not bound by county lines, like attracting and retaining qualified STEAM talent and tourism.

The Foundation wrapped up 2014 by providing grants to some excellent projects in our county. We are proud that these organizations view the Foundation as a partner in their projects and an ally in improving the quality of life in Huron County.

Higher water raises all ships. At the Huron County Community Foundation, 2014 brought new partnerships with businesses, other Foundations, and community members that will help us continue our mission to positively impact Huron County...for good, forever. 

-Mackenzie Price


A lot has happened to the Huron  County Community Foundation in the past twenty years. It has grown form a one thousand dollar donation to almost four million dollars in fund equity. This is a result of contributions from residents of Huron County and a lot of effort by  small group of individuals consisting of board members and committee members, all of whom are volunteers. 

The two main events that are undertaken to help provide operating funds for the Foundation are the annual golf outing and the "Bidder's Bash". It is anticipated the funds will be self-supporting in the future and these activities will no longer be needed. 

The return on investments for the past four years is 9.68 percent, which, along with the contributions of the residents of Huron County, allows for growth in the Foundation's assets.

I would like to take this opportunity, in the name of the Huron County Community Foundation, to thank everyone who has assisted in the growth of the organization. It has been a tremendous effort by many individuals and hopefully will continue in the future. Remember the slogan: "FOR GOOD, FOREVER." 

-John Moore